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Who we are

Ostrich Burger Productions is a one-woman studio devoted to creating immersive stories. OBP's mission is to create narrative-based games, also called visual novels, that aren't afraid to break borders or societal norms.

OBP has existed on paper for many years, yet published the first game under its brand in 2018.

What makes Ostrich Burger Productions unique?

OBP is proud to be female-led and founded, riding the exciting wave of women in the game development industry. OBP, while knowing its wide audience, is willing to take risks that larger companies simply cannot afford. Lastly, OBP is sensitive towards their audience as well as potential competitors, especially concerning mental health.

Our projects


Ostrich Burger Productions currently has one complete game, with others in progress.

Complete: Our Mountain; Free, 2018

Our Mountain is a dark-fantasy visual novel with romance elements, taking place in a fictional Japanese setting. The total word count is 32,019, spanning two unique routes. Those who backed the Kickstarter were given a passcode to unlock the 'secret' route + endings.

The game's main focus is that of identity, as well as deciding whether to live up to other's expectations of oneself, to bravely see life through another's eyes.

The game will be remastered for desktop and mobile versions.

In Progress:The Last Clan: Tale of Oni; Free, 2020

The Last Clan: Tale of Oni is a fantasy story with romance elements, evolving around a central theme of the importance of family. Unlike other popular Oni stories that portray them as evil beings, TLC focuses on what it means to be different in a time where you cannot truly be yourself.

Compared to Our Mountain, The Last Clan features a close knit family of non-relatives save for the main character and her father. The story delves into what one is willing to do for family, even if it means death.

Similar to Our Mountain, The Last Clan also features romance--a possible love blooming between the player and one of the Clansmen. However, there is also a purely platonic version of the story as well.

In Progress: Erfigardr; Commercial, 2021


A young woman is stricken with an ancient disease.

The only one who can cure her is a powerful being, nowhere near where the humans reside.

She’ll have to travel to different lands to reach her destination, including the terrifying Erfigarðr, home to Orcs.

Rating: PG-13 for violence and mild swearing.

Erfigardr is a fantasy Nordic visual/kinetic novel with themes of life, death, and the ever present struggle for survival. There are also themes of trust and companionship in unlikely places.

Erfigardr is different compared to previous projects; not only does it feature a non-Japanese setting, it also will be OBP's first commercial game. However, it is similar to previous games in some aspects, such as themes of companionship and the struggle for survival.


Here you'll find updates for your favorite games, whether that's new artwork, script update, etc. However, not everything in game development is smooth sailing; you'll learn about OBP's successes and failures.

There will be:

  • Sneak-peek's into OBP Founder's life, balancing personal and professional

  • In-depth logs about the game development process

  • Short logs or updates, including exciting new campaign launches or game releases

  • Anything and everything related to visual novels

Devlog #1

Hello everyone and welcome to OBP’s first in-depth devlog!

I’m Neeka; the developer, team director and writer for The Last Clan. Some of you may not know this, but this project originally started out as a solo endeavor. Then I met Mytheme through some forums, who is now our Sprite and CG artist.

I quickly realized with as many characters we had, I’d need help with writing their romantic routes. Thus I asked my friend LunaLotus to be the game’s co-writer. Luna has helped me on many occasions before, so I was glad we could work together again. The story has undergone many changes, from a complete plot rewrite to renaming the main character’s best friend.

Not long after, Puppetbomb offered their services as background artist. Puppetbomb had helped me before on my (now deleted) very first visual novel, a mashup between Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

What have we done so far?

The main outline is 100% complete, beginning to end. Currently Luna and I are outlining for the romantic routes. Each route is understandably unique, none being ‘love at first sight’. There are no right or wrong answers concerning romantic choices, and currently we have no bad endings planned..

Aside from a few minor characters, all sprites are complete and in the engine. CGs are at about 80% complete and the backgrounds are halfway finished.

Our near future goals consist of scripting the next chapters and adding them into the engine, along with some small changes such as adding UI sfx. There’s more to come in future posts and devlogs, so be sure to follow us on twitter (https://twitter.com/NeekaofOBP) for info as well as art sneak peeks.

In the following devlog we’ll get a peek into each team member’s process as well as future announcements. Thanks for reading!

Devlog #2

Unfortunately, The Last Clan has been put on hold. Our campaigns were unsuccessful (for now) so we decided to take a small break before looking at the project with fresh eyes.

However, that doesn't mean I'm not working on anything else! Between freelance projects I like to work on my own/OBP games.

I'm particularly hoping to release a small non-commercial game this Spring, or before June.

I hope to share more in a future log or blog, so please keep an eye on this space.

Thanks for reading!

Devlog #3

The Last Clan has emerged from hiatus and is in full swing! We have welcomed two new writers to the project, tsukimii and DapperApple, who are working devotedly on the romance routes for the Clansmen.

There will be an exciting announcement this Spring regarding the project so please stay tuned for more details as the date draws nearer!

Devlog #4

3/23/21 Update: Erfigardr


Sprites: 50%
Backgrounds: 90%

Hello everyone, I hope you've been well!

For the sprites, all main characters are done. All that's missing are a few side cast members, the rest will most likely be black silhouettes (such as the tavern barkeep). We still need expressions for the characters.

As for backgrounds, we technically aren't missing any, however that's including placeholder art. If enough funds are raised there is the chance that we can get custom backgrounds and won't have to use the placeholders anymore.

The rest, as you know, is complete! I'm waiting for some remaining art assets (such as above) before compiling it all into the engine.

There are talks of retrying the Kickstarter this spring/summer with updated graphics, rewards, etc. I will host a poll on twitter to gauge potential backer interest.

That's all for this update! Thanks for reading and your support of Erfigardr/OBP.

Devlog #5:

4/20/21 Update: Erfigardr

Backgrounds: 90%
Sprites: 90%

We've received our character expressions! See the bottom of this post for a rare sight--smiling Ina and Melkree.

In other major news...We're Coming to Kickstarter this Summer!

The date has yet to be set but it could be as early as Mid-May. There will be more updates in the future here as well as on Twitter. There will also be a Pre-Launch page where you can sign up to be notified when the project goes Live.

That's all I can say for this update, but please look forward to more information in the near future!


DevBlog #1: 2020 Recap

Hello everyone, Neeka here in the first (and last) devblog of 2020! It is now currently New Years Day, a perfect time for reflecting on what Ostrich Burger Productions as well as myself have accomplished within 2020.

In the above devlog (#3) you will see that two new writers have joined the team for The Last Clan! Working with them has been a blessing, as they help bring the project to life. They are responsible for writing the ~romantic~ routes for the Clansmen so I am eager to see what they come up with!

Some negative aspects of 2020 is that due to some ableist and other harmful tweets of the creator of Cloudnovel, I have had to move to another engine to develop my games. This means starting over from scratch on all my work-in-progress projects. Luckily there isn't any programming involved, but it is still a challenge learning new software!

On a more positive note, I formed a team for a game jam held on itch.io! Unfortunately we weren't able to submit a project, but the script (due to an amazing writer(s)) is complete and ready to be put into the engine! This project, Erfigardr, is also coming to Kickstarter this January so please look forward to it and other updates! I'll post news + images on both Instagram and Twitter so if you'd like to see what the team is up to feel free to give a follow!

In personal news I got a new, faster laptop (my last one was a hand-me-down from 2016) as well as a job! I'll try not to spend all my money on game dev but I'm not making any promises!

Thanks so much for your support as well as reading this DevBlog, and expect more to come in this new year!

DevBlog #2: Summer 2021

Hello everyone! It has certainly been awhile. I've been rather busy with multiple projects that I'm more than eager to tell you about! But first, I'll do a current recap of development for OBP's works in progress.

Erfigardr is waiting patiently for it's new character artist to deliver sprites and CGs for the project. The script is 100% complete, so all that's missing is a few key pieces of art. We are still searching for a BG artist.

The Last Clan is still being written, with potentially Daichi's route being complete this winter! His will most likely be the first route to be published. Afterwards, there'll be an announcement in the spring regarding the project and its future.

I've been busy, participating in a minimum of 4 game jams! SuNoFes and The People's Jam just to name a couple. Both projects involve fantasy elements, such as vampires. Though the overall tone is very different for each game.

I can't say too much more without giving away potential spoilers, so you'll just have to wait until they're published and give them a play yourself!

That's it for this mini-DevBlog, thanks for reading!